Working in tandem with the Principal, our mission is to strengthen the school community, to provide resources and services for all students at Melrose Elementary and to make a lasting impact on their future.

Melrose 2017-2018 Annual Giving

The Annual Giving Campaign has started.
IT is UP TO US to Level up & UNLOCK the celebrations!

We all know that Melrose Elementary delivers a powerful STEAM education. What is less well known is that LAUSD pays only for the school facilities, teachers, and administration. LAUSD does NOT pay for our arts classes, school library, iPads and laptops, math textbooks, and so much more.

Big Picture: We as a school must raise $250,000 a year from a variety of funding sources to keep the STEAM train rolling. That presently works out to about $717 invested in each student to provide:

1:1 iPads/Laptops * School Library * Music * Math Coach * Garden Ranger
Dance * PE * Visual Arts * Field Trips * TAs * Math Textbooks
Student Software * Inner City Arts AND MUCH MORE!

First Step: This Giving Campaign is our FIRST AND LARGEST STEP TOWARDS that big-picture goal. This year we are striving to raise $75,000 via Giving. Every single dollar helps. When every family at Melrose gives at ANY level, it helps our grant applications – another way to achieve the big picture.


Level 1: Ice Cream Party—Unlock at $25,000
Objective: Simple - eat & enjoy!

Level 2: BLACK LIGHT Party—Unlock at $40,000
Objective: Transform yourself into a magical glowing creature, robot, alien and more at a rocking, glow-in-the-dark lunch-time dance party in the auditorium. The only limit? Your imagination!

Level 3: Larger-Than-Life PARTY—Unlock at $60,000
Objective: Think BIG. Play BIGGER! Unleash oversize fun with giant games during recess. We’re talking ginormous balls, knee-high board games, and so much more.

Level 4: Melrose Warrior Obstacle Course PARTY—Unlock at $75,000
Objective: Challenge your fast reflexes, wits, and sense of teamwork to take on the MELROSE WARRIOR OBSTACLE COURSE! Prove you have what it takes to conquer the course!

Power up to SURPRISE BONUS LEVEL! Unlocks at $85,000. Trust us, it’s epic!

Thank you for being the heart of Melrose.


Or Reach for the stars! and Enter Your Own Amount

Enter the Name of the Student for whom you are donating:

If you are able, please add a gift contribution for a fellow Melrose Family:

Many of our students qualify for free or reduced lunch and are unable to participate in the Family Pledge Drive.

Help another student reach for the STARS!