Let’s raise the funds to keep the Melrose STEAM going!

The Melrose Family Pledge drive is the direct giving campaign that is held each fall to raise funds for the continuing enrichment of our children. Your tax-deductible contribution goes directly to supporting all Melrose students.

The PTO's annual fundraising goal is $150,000, which is raised primarily through the Melrose Family Pledge Drive. Let's help by investing in our children!

The GOAL for the pledge drive this year, is to raise $90,000.

Our PTO has been fund-raising these past years to support our school's technology. It is how we have been able to sustain our 1:1 laptop and iPad program. PTO funds are used to keep our technology as cutting edge as our curriculum is.

Everyone who participates in the pledge drive will receive a Melrose keepsake! No amount is too small or too large – we want all of our families to be involved in this year’s pledge drive. Each classroom with 100% participation will receive a thank you party.

Please remember, more than anything, we want everyone to feel welcome to participate. Yes, our goal at the end of the day is to fill up our bank account (which we happily almost emptied to purchase another grade level of computers), but it is important that everyone has an opportunity to be involved in all that we do. It is what makes Melrose, Melrose!!!

Your contribution—no matter the amount, counts toward our goal of 100% participation. All contributions are voluntary and confidential.


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Many of our students qualify for free or reduced lunch and are unable to participate in the Family Pledge Drive.

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