Working in tandem with the Principal, our mission is to strengthen the school community, to provide resources and services for all students at Melrose Elementary and to make a lasting impact on their future.

Annual Charity Buzz Online Auction

We are gearing up for our annual Charity Buzz online auction. Last year we raised over $16,000 through this venue.

WHAT YOU CAN DO: Go through your contact list. You might know someone that knows someone in the entertainment industry, in any capacity. Ask for something that you can’t readily find to be donated to help our amazing school. ONE OF A KIND ITEMS, UNIQUE or PERSONAL EXPERIENCES! Must be a minimum value of $500. Some examples of what has done well:

  • SET VISITS WITH A WALK ON PART We've had a Community sitcom set visit and walk-on part that raised more than $5,000!
  • BUSINESS INTERNSHIPS. A high-powered executive’s intern for a day.
  • VIP STUDIO AUDIENCE TICKETS (with autographed photos from cast a bonus). i.e. Dancing with the Stars, The Tonight Show, American Idol. Celebrities attached to packages help to sweeten the deal.
  • VIP TICKETS TO A COLLEGE/PRO SPORTING EVENT and watching the warm ups: Lakers, Dodgers, Clipper, Kings, etc. Does NOT have to be in Los Angeles.
  • VIP TICKETS TO AN AMAZING CONCERT, backstage passes.
  • AUTOGRAPHED ITEMS: jerseys, basketballs, unique movie posters, movie/tv scripts.
  • HOTEL ACCOMMODATIONS.Week at a vacation home you or someone you know might own.
  • RARE ART. Experiences with an artist, assisting in their studio for a day. Private museum tours.