Working in tandem with the Principal, our mission is to strengthen the school community, to provide resources and services for all students at Melrose Elementary and to make a lasting impact on their future.

About Us

Nestled in the urban heart of Hollywood, Melrose Elementary School Math/Science/Technology Magnet is changing the face of public education.

About Melrose Elementary School PTO

The successes we have achieved at our school could not have happened without the support and participation from our parent base. The Melrose PTO has helped the school raise over $96,000 for the 2013-2014 school year. This is a phenomenal achievement for our school, especially since the PTO has only been in existence for 6 years.

By working together the Melrose PTO has organized and funded an on-campus Music Center performance; Beautified our school gardens; Sponsored Ballroom Dance for the 5th Grade; and Sponsored Inner City Arts for the 3rd & 4th Grades; and library books and resources.

The PTO has a multi-faceted plan for raising revenue for the school in these troubling times of school budget crisis. This includes corporate partnerships, a nationwide online auction through, Family Pledge Drive, Ongoing Fundraisers (ie: Box Tops, Ralphs, eScrip and Target), grant writing and an organized public relations campaign allowing us to approach and secure additional funding opportunities.

Not only does the PTO raise funds for much needed programs at Melrose Elementary M/S/T Magnet, they are a crucial link to our community as well as promoters of school community and goodwill.

Throughout the year the PTO hosts events, such as: Harvest Festival, Jog-A-Thon, St. Patrick’s Day Dance/Potluck, Family Movie Night, and many other school spirit events.

We have much more to accomplish and believe whole-heartedly that when we come together and stand for our children, we can achieve great things. There is no greater reward than to see your efforts directly affect the growth of a child.


About Melrose Elementary School

The mission of Melrose Elementary M/S/T Magnet is to create a culturally, supportive, technologically-rich environment where our diverse student population will utilize a Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math (STEAM) curriculum to think deeply and creatively to solve complex problems through innovation and collaboration.

Six years ago, Melrose Avenue Elementary was granted Magnet status to the school in recognition of the potential of its student body, educators and families. The magnet program prepares our students for their future with cutting edge tools and curriculum. A driving component of that curriculum has been the implementation of Project Based Learning. This innovative new approach to learning challenges the students to: Problem Solve by Experimentation, Inquire and Interact, as well as Dissection and Troubleshooting of problems through Creativity. The students also gain Real World Experience as well as participate in Interest Driven Projects. Critical Thinking and Empathy are integrated into every level of learning and working within a team environment emphasizes the strength of Collaboration.

In addition to the Integrated STEAM program, Melrose Elementary M/S/T Magnet also offers Singapore Math instruction, a one-to-one iPad Program for Grades K-2, a one-to-one Laptop Program for Grades 3-5, Choral Music and Dance instruction for all students, and a dedicated PE program.

We are proud to be named a California Distinguished School, the highest honor in the state! We are, yet again, an Apple Distinguished School, one of only 56 in the nation. Melrose M/S/T has also had the honor of being awarded the Magnet Schools of America School of Excellence and a Title 1 Achievement School.

Our teaching staff and administration are tireless in their commitment to student growth. We want to ensure our student body does not just excel in test scores and grades but that they also continue to grow as respectful, inquisitive and empathetic children.

The make-up of our school family is as rich and diverse as is the City of Los Angeles. This creates a wonderful opportunity for our students to learn and share their different backgrounds and points of view.

Melrose Elementary School M/S/T Magnet is bringing powerful and lasting change to the public school experience. Our students’ futures hold limitless possibilities, successes yet to be discovered, not only because they dream the ideas, but because they are working hard to make them happen.